SCC products filenameΒΆ

The filename of all SCC products has the following structure:



<station_code> 3 digits code (for example pot)
<product_type_ID> numeric 3 digits (for example 002)
<wavelength> 4 digits reporting the wavelength in nm (for example 0532)
<productID> numeric 7 digits (for example 0000213)
<starttime> YYYYMMDDHHMM (for example 202102031832)
<stoptime> YYYYMMDDHHMM (for example 202102031944)
<measurementID> measurementID string (15 characters)
<SCC_module> SCC module (hirelpp,cloudscreen,elpp,eldec,elda,elic)
<SCC_version> SCC version (for example v5.2.0)

The field <product_type_ID> is codified as it follows:

Product_type_ID Description
0 Raman Bacskcatter
1 Extinction only
2 Lidar Ration and Extinction
3 Elastic Backscatter
6 Linear Polarization Calibration
7 Raman Backscatter and Linear Depolarization Ratio
8 Elastic Backscatter and Linear Depolarization Ratio
9 High Resolution Pre-Processed data

The field <wavelength> is available only for ELEC and ELDA data products (for all the other SCC data products is missing). For CloudScreen products the fields <product_type_ID>, <wavelength>, <productID> are missing.